loveDANCEmore Presents: Mudson

Performance & Theatre


Aug. 18, 2015 was the first time loveDANCEmore and their many amazing dancers had a performance at the Memorial House in Memory Grove. Mudson presented us with four unique and dynamic dances, all choreographed by different individuals. The show was captivating and memorable, and people were given a little piece of the show to take home with them.

The first dance was a chaotic and surprising. There seemed to be no choreography at all—everyone was frenzied and in their own space and time. Dancers were swirling around each other, bumping into each other and, at a couple of points, the live music would quiet down and all the dancers started crawling around on the floor and around one another, ending the dance with all silently seated on the floor. Perhaps it is a commentary to our daily modern lives. The second solo choreography started out with Katherine Alder reading an intense poem. Her dance was a silent one, with long, poetically charged poses.

The third dance started off with three women who seemed as though they were comparing themselves to each other and also admiring each other in this sexy, seductive and fierce choreography. There was tension, attraction and harmony. The final dance started with a solo dancer walking out from behind the crowd, dancing in silence for a few minutes. A bit after the music starts, she is joined by another dancer and they careen together on the dance floor. All in all the crowd seemed pleased—it was an eventful evening.

Ashley Anderson of loveDANCEmore has been dedicated to bringing dance to the community since she started in January of 2010. Mudson is a works in progress series where dancers take choreography to the next level and have created over 100 new dances since 2010. Find more information at