Aug. 18, 2015 was the first time loveDANCEmore and their many amazing dancers had a performance at the Memorial House in Memory Grove. Mudson presented us with four unique and dynamic dances, all choreographed by different individuals. The show was captivating and memorable, and people were given a little piece of the show to take home with them.

The first dance was a chaotic and surprising. There seemed to be no choreography at all—everyone was frenzied and in their own space and time. Dancers were swirling around each other, bumping into each other and, at a couple of points, the live music would quiet down and all the dancers started crawling around on the floor and around one another, ending the dance with all silently seated on the floor. Perhaps it is a commentary to our daily modern lives. The second solo choreography started out with Katherine Alder reading an intense poem. Her dance was a silent one, with long, poetically charged poses.

The third dance started off with three women who seemed as though they were comparing themselves to each other and also admiring each other in this sexy, seductive and fierce choreography. There was tension, attraction and harmony. The final dance started with a solo dancer walking out from behind the crowd, dancing in silence for a few minutes. A bit after the music starts, she is joined by another dancer and they careen together on the dance floor. All in all the crowd seemed pleased—it was an eventful evening.

Ashley Anderson of loveDANCEmore has been dedicated to bringing dance to the community since she started in January of 2010. Mudson is a works in progress series where dancers take choreography to the next level and have created over 100 new dances since 2010. Find more information at

On the eve of Sept. 28th, 2015, hundreds of fans lined up to watch rock legends Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla perform at the USANA Amphitheater. There were fans of all ages, and even fans dressed in costume. The show started of with an energetic performance by Tesla, with lead singer Jeff Keith interacting with the crowd and getting everyone excited. They played classic hits such as “Modern Day Cowboy” and “EZ Come EZ Go”.The band was very active and they were all interacting with each other and the crowd and made a great start to the show. After Tesla’s set, patrons got to enjoy a beautiful sunset while they waited for the next band to set up.

Styx came out with an explosion of lights and put on a very enthusiastic set. Their background display was especially colorful and artistic, and the band put on an awesome performance. The crowd loved the back and forth and the trading around of band members. At one point Styx performed a more mellow song and the crowd went soft and several people pulled out their cell phones for a light in lieu of the classic lighter tribute. Their set was full of choreography and they ended with style.

Next up was Def Leppard, one of the most legendary rock bands to come out of the genre. Their background screen was a live filming of the band making them seem larger than life, and it would switch back and forth to a casino theme. They also played many classic hits and the crowd went wild for every song and every turn. They strutted around stage and played with a lot of energy.

All in all the night was a success. I must say it is really amazing and inspiring to see bands that have been together this long still steal the show and put on an amazing performance, and with a lot of original band members. If you have never been to a concert like this, you should- it’s hard not to enjoy yourself!

On the night of October 23rd, 2015, four amazing bands came together for a night of heavy metal and rock ‘n roll..


Huldra, a five-piece consisting of Scott Wasilewski on keys/vocals/cello, Levi Hanna on guitar and vocals, Eric Smith on guitar, Chris Garrido on drums and Matt Brotherton on bass and vocals, opened with an energetic set, getting the crowd in and setting the mood for the night. Huldra have been captivating fans in SLC for years and they always bring a lively set.


Worst Friends came up next, taking over the stage with their rock-fueled fury and intricate riffs. Jarom Bischoff and Mike Cundick‘s ear-splitting screams filled the air. Elliot Secrist‘s jazzy bass riffs hit with heavy soul. These guys know how to make rock ‘n roll. All of the members of this lineup have had a big influence on Salt Lake City bands and each have become legends in their own right.


Black Cobra, a two-piece from California’s Bay Area, comprised of former member of Acid King, Rafa Martinez, and former member of Cavity, Jason Landrian, forged in 2001. They have been crushing eardrums ever since. Rafa plays with intensity and stamina, while Jason’s relentless guitar riffs bludgeoned the soul. They played a vigorous set with fast heavy riffs and had killer tone for a two piece, and kept the crowd entertained.


YOB brings the evil whenever they play live. Their spaced-out stoner riffs combined with Mike Scheidt‘s grisly vocals takes you on a cathartic journey with lengthy heavy songs. Plenty of fans showed up to take a ride. Along with Scheidt is Aaron Rieseberg (also a member of the band Norska) on bass, and drummer Travis Foster. Together, this three-piece creates mesmerizing and evil riffs and takes the listener to the depths of the distant corners of the dark universe.


All in all, the night was a success! Plenty of people came out for support and everyone had a good time. How could you not? It was a heavy as fuck, rock ‘n roll kind of night. Each band brought something different but all meshed together so well, keeping fans entertained and captivated. If you haven’t heard any of these bands, I suggest you open another browser right now and hear some new favorite bands!

A line of eager people forms to enter the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Photo: @william.h.cannon

There was no better way to wrap up summer than with the 9th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Local artisans, craft foodies, DIY engineers, performers and many others gathered in the Gallivan Center on Aug. 11–13 to celebrate Salt Lake’s ever-growing creative community.

There was something for everyone at this year’s festival, whether it was food or finds. Soundtracked by all of the local performers on the SLUG Mag Stage as well as the 90.9 KRCL Stage, the weekend was filled to the brim with entertainment and fun. Local foodie staples were scattered around the plaza, offering delicious classics like Sprinkle and Dash’s French macaroons and Rob’s Cheesesteaks, as well as remixes on old favorites like the sandwiches fromV Panini and the treats available from Argentina’s Best Empanadas. Local favorites Cafe Ibis and CupBop also made appearances.

From the Hand Drawn Photo Booth to handmade jewelry and all the way to woodcrafting and engineering, this year’s DIY Festival introduced Salt Lake City’s residents to new and interesting products and tutorials. While outside on the plaza there were shops to sift through and perfect-pieces to find, the Google Fiber STEM Building was also full of surprises, demos and workshops for science enthusiasts and curious wanderers alike. The inaugural, one-day-only Kid Row was also a must-see at this year’s festival. Many aspiring artists, aged 14 and under, set up their own booths and displayed their creations from embroidery to paintings, wooing the crowd with their many talents.

Luckily, there are only 312 days left until next year’s festival, which means that if you couldn’t make it to the 9th annual, this gallery can prepare you for the 10th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival and give you a taste of all of the excitement that’s to come next year.

You can read about some of the participants in our August Issue.

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DIY Fest Day 1 — Aug. 11, 2017

Will Cannon // @william.h.cannon

Jessica Bundy // @jbunds

Jayson Ross // @jaysonrossphoto

DIY Fest Day 2 — August 12, 2017

Colton Marsala // @colton_marsala

Logan Sorenson //

Chris Gariety //

DIY Fest Day 3 — August 13, 2017

Ceza Dzawala //

Talyn Sherer //@talynshererphoto

An audience receptive to what Nate Holland throws down. Photo: Will Cannon

SLUG Magazine celebrated its 29th anniversary with a party that offered a wealth of fun activities across two venues. Amid plentiful eating and drinking, RYE offered patrons an opportunity to explore local art, tarot card readings and virtual reality while Urban Lounge showcased live art and three SLC electronic artists (Thoroughbred, Nate Holland and UTA Trax) dishing out their finest dance tracks. Here’s to plenty more years of SLUG!

Photos: Will Cannon


Photos: Jessica Bundy


Meat missiles were firing on all cylinders Saturday, March 9, at the 19th Annual SLUG Games: Winter Wizardry rail jam at Brighton Resort. There’s no better way to ring in the start of spring ski season than with a competition made possible by all our sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, Izm, Pit Viper Sunglasses, Saga Outerwear, Graywhale Entertainment, Chaos Headwear and Brighton Resort.

Fonnzy was keeping the stoke high as the contestants warmed up on this years course and kept the crowd moving and warm all day. Featuring a flat down box, an S-rail, a waterfall rail to a shed jib, a cannon tube and a bunch of cardboard wizards, the setup made by Brighton’s park crew allowed contestants plenty of variety to show off their best tricks. The day followed traditional rail-jam format of 20-minute heats for the 17-&-Under crowd, then Open Ski and Open Snow, followed by finals for those who qualify in the same order of categories.

The MC and head wizard of the day, Rad Brad, kept the event moving and vibes high all day long while giving the riders the shout-outs they deserved and explaining to the crowd what they’re seeing.

The 17-&-Under category kicked off the jam, and these kids didn’t hold back. There were one-foot board slides down the flat-down box, there was a huge daffy and Luke Mullan threw a 2 off the waterfall rail to gap the whole shed jib that had the crowd going crazy. Garrett Calaway won the award for “Best Crash” of the day, giving the crowd the daily dose of carnage they desired. Watching the next generation of skiers and riders throwing down this hard was inspirational and an ego check at the same time. Between the heats, you could find a lot of the 17-&-Under crowd shot-gunning Red Bull and eating whole bananas over with our friends at Pit Viper, further proving the sendy nature of these kids.

The Open Ski crowd that followed, though it was small, didn’t lack talent.  Isabel Parada was representing the girls out there and holding her own, ripping the flat-down box. Tucker Fitzsimons was hot, lapping the park and sending all day. 

Finally, the Open Snow category ended the day. The field of contestants were huge, and they all seemed to be feeding off of each other’s stoke. The Best Trick of the day went to Jeff Hopkins for a back slide on the “S” rail, but he certainly wasn’t the only one getting after it out there. The boys were jibbing their hearts out and getting creative on the “S” rail.  Flips are always a crowd pleaser and were thrown off the cannon tube. Paxton Alexander was spinning to win out there, and the crowd was loving it. The girls showed up in a big way too. Small but mighty Gwynnie Park was giving the course her all and charging every feature she hit.

A huge shoutout to everyone that competed. The top spots of the day went to:

Men’s 17-&-Under Ski: 1st Place Luke Mallen, 2nd Place Alex Mallen, 3rd Place Jaxon Lewis

Women’s 17-&-Under Snow: 1st Place Scarlett Park, 2nd Place Jaida Davis

Men’s 17-&-Under Snow: 1st Place Isaac Harkness, 2nd Place Greyson Hawkins, 3rd Place Noah Singer

Women’s Open Ski: 1st Place Isabel Parada

Men’s Open Ski: 1st Place Tucker Fitzsimons, 2nd Place Bagesol Baker, and 3rd Place Hayden Gellesen

Women’s Open Snow: 1st Place Gwynnie Park, 2nd Place Lexis Bryner,  3rd Place Jess Kelley, Honorable Mention Chizv Maeda

Men’s Open Snow: 1st Place: Bryan Watson, 2nd Place Paxon Alexander, 3rd Place Evan Thomas

Best Trick: Jeff Hopkins, Best Crash: Garrett Calaway

Thanks again to the Brighton park crew, Line Skies, Hovland Snowskates and all of our sponsors. We can’t wait to do it all again next year! Bring on the spring slush.



***More photos will be added soon!

Logan Sorenson


Ceza Dzawala

Brendan O’leary

Jessica Bundy