Put on Your Birthday Suit: Fresh Turns Two

Posted June 28, 2011 in Photos,
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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine
Issue 360 – December 2018 cover art

december Issue

ABOUT THE COVER: Intangibles and the impossible become veritably real through literature, reading and writing. For our second Local Literary Issue, David Habben (Habbenink) captures the physical, gestural and conceptual in-betweens of this figure’s act of reading—an imprint of how we assemble words in our psyches. Find more of Habben’s work at habbenink.com.

Photo courtesy of metallica.com.
Joel Long is one of a handful of volunteers who help to evoke literary magic at the free CITYART reading series at the Downtown Salt Lake City Public Library. Photo: Scott Frederick
Photo Courtesy of Netflix
(L–R) Alec Stanczyk, Matt Baird, Riachle Child and Jaxon Harrop push boundaries by providing as one of the only heavy-music instrumental bands in Utah. Photo: Lmsorenson.net
Stephanie Leaks intertwines their sensory sensitivity with their writing skills to provide a unique reading experience. Photo: Colton Marsala
Mike Brown finds the Christmas spirit in the fact that kids still love to get and play video games for Christmas. Illustration: donnellysme.com
In her essay Desert Cabal, Amy Irvine takes on Utah’s beloved Edward Abbey and Desert Solitaire with an intersectional-feminist response about wildness and environmental issues. Photo: Christy Calvin
Photo Courtesy of Lionsgate
The added java may not affect the color, but it is a stronghold on the aroma. Photo: Chris Hollands
Sage Kotsenburg – Mid-Frontside 7 – Brighton Resort Backcountry, Utah. Photo: Jack Dawe
Giuliana Serena curates The Bee to bring people together through participants telling and hearing true, personal stories. Photo: Trevor Christensen
(Center–Right) Brandon Long and Kase Johnstun interview Amanda Luzzader (Left) in Booked on 25th in Ogden for the LITerally Podcast. Photo: John Barkiple
Kendall Woodhouse – Nose Slide – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Jack Garcia is the Editor and co-creator of Utah Valley’s peculiar literary journal and hopes to create a platform for fellow LGBTQ+ creatives. Photo Courtesy of Jack Garcia
Tucker White likes to think of writing as sharing his journals with the public through a lens of a different character. Photo: LmSorensen.net