Who doesn't love a photo booth? Photo: Randy Roberts

THE BLOCKS @ Exchange Place 07.13


As someone who is fairly new to Salt Lake City, I can’t help but notice how rad this town is, from the architecture and food to the music scene and so much more. To be honest, this place is one of the coolest places I have ever been.  So, what could make Salt Lake City greater?

Well, this past Friday, July 13, I had the opportunity to attend THE BLOCKS‘ Downtown SLC Block Party at Exchange Place. Now, although I came to this event not knowing what to expect, I found myself pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t heard about what THE BLOCKS is, it is going to be Salt Lake’s premier arts, entertainment and cultural melting pot.

The main objective for THE BLOCKS is to make it easier for people to more fully embrace the arts and diversity that this town has to offer and to put Salt Lake on the map as a place for artists of all types.

At this particular event, there was an amazing variety of acts that performed, from ballet to rock n’ roll. Starting out the night were some summertime jams provided by DJ Finale Grande, followed by modern dance from Repertory Dance Theater and a performance by Pygmalion Theater.

The festivities continued with Artes de México, giving us a language lesson and dropping some knowledge about culture. To add to the atmosphere, Red Rock Brewing provided some drinks—and to make things even better, there were free tacos.

As the night progressed and more people showed up, the entertainment and activities continued, including a photo-booth setup and local juggler Christopher Haaser. To wrap up the night, Color Animal took the stage to give a great end to a fantastic event.

I definitely recommend that you check out THE BLOCKS (theblocksslc.com) and what they are all about.

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