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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #231 – Color Animal

In this week’s episode of Soundwaves, the official podcast of SLUG Magazine, we chat with the band Color Animal about their most recent 7″ release, as well as their upcoming full-length album due out this April.

Color Animal are an alternative rock band based out of Salt Lake City, who formed shortly after lead singer and guitarist Andrew Shaw’s band Calico disbanded. He joined up with drummer Tyler Ford to create some new tunes, but the band sat on the shelf for a few years until 2012 when Nick Neihart and Felecia Baca joined and released their first album, Vision Lies, in January 2013.

Neihart left the band shortly after making that album, but was replaced by Seth Howe for the current lineup today. They’ve since released a few singles, and a second full-length, Bubble Gum, in July 2014. Recently the band paired with Shaw’s other project, Magic Mint, to release a self-titled 7” split, and are currently finalizing their third album, Why Don’t We Have Fun?, which is due out on April 2.

In this episode, SLUG writer Kristyn Porter spoke with Shaw and Ford about all their latest endeavors, and afterward we hear the song “Heal Me,” both from their 7” release, as well as the Death By Salt V compilation.

Color Animal on Bandcamp.

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