5 Spot – Pre-roasting SLUG’s Angela Brown

By Jerre Wroble
Posted 01/04/2007

SLUG magazine Editor/Publisher Angela Brown’s longstanding support of the local underground music scene will be rewarded with her roasting at a currently sold-out dinner on Sunday, Jan. 7, beginning at 6 p.m. at Big City Soup, 235 S. 400 West. The artwork of Sri Whipple, Trent Call, Fletcher Booth, Derek Dyer and Derrick Mellus will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Valley Mental Health.

What is your passion for Valley Mental Health based upon?
Some of my favorite people on this planet are crazies, and I love having them in my life. Valley Mental Health helps sustain their well-being and other people’s loved ones with mental-health problems. They provide quality care for many afflicted Utahns that would otherwise not receive treatment. [Since the event is sold out, donations may be sent to "The Roast," c/o SLUG, 351 W. Pierpont, Ste. 48, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.]

What will the funds raised by this event be used for?
Lining the pockets of prescription drug companies while making sure a portion of Salt Lake City’s mentally ill community gets its daily dose of Prozac and lime green Jell-O.

What advice do you have for roasters Mike Brown, Erik Lopez, Liz Ferrin, Mariah Mann-Mellus, Jeremy Cardenas, Derek Dyer, Shon Taylor, Leroy Barndog & Charity, [City Weekly’s] Bill Frost and Rebecca Vernon?
While my rump may be the one that is getting roasted, feel free to tell a humiliating story that includes the hostess of my roast, Ms. Meghann Griggs!

How does one mentally prepare to be roasted?
A bottle of Maker’s Mark, a little black dress and red lipstick.

Should diners worry if Big City Soup serves an "Angela" stew the following day?
I’ll be doing the "stewing" by getting the Big City Soup employees sloshed on a school night. Diners the following day should ask really annoying questions and laugh at their hangovers.

Is it true that SLUG’s hiring requirements includes wearing black hair and tattoos?
Yes. I fire people for even mentioning tattoo removal or hair bleaching.