Against Me @ In the Venue 05.07.07

Posted May 21, 2007 in

Against Me with Mastodon, Planes Mistaken For Stars and Cursive
In the Venue

Against Me is a band I discovered early and that I haven’t been disappointed by yet. With every album they release, and show I’ve seen them play I just enjoy the band more and more. The first time I caught the band, it was one of the best shows that I’d ever seen, and after watching their last performance I’m happy to say that it still ranks as one of the best shows that I’ve seen in a while.

I’m not a huge fan of any of the other bands that played that night but they were clearly catering to different crowds. As each band took the stage, a different group of people migrated toward the front and as far as I saw there were no confrontations between opposing groups of fans. I was surprised and very happy that the bands were able to pull of the eclectic tour. When Against Me took the stage, I made my way as close to up front and center as possible.

Against Me played a great mixture of songs from all three of their current albums as well as a few from their upcoming album, New Wave, which will be released in July. The portion of the crowd that was there to see Against Me danced and shouted the lyrics back at lead singer Tom Gabel throughout their performance. The other three-fourths of the crowd stood in back and rocked out in a more subtle fashion then the group up front. I haven’t danced till I sweat or screamed until I temporarily lost my voice in a long time. Against Me put on a show that reminded me why I first fell in love with seeing live music.

As the band’s set ended the crowd screamed for one last song and unfortunately didn’t get their request. My heart sunk a little bit as soon as they unstrapped their instruments and the rodies took the stage—it was clear that the band wouldn’t be playing an encore that night. I left that night with a renewed sense of my love for live music. I can only hope that the next show I attend won’t stamp this feeling out quick.

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