Bassnectar @ Saltair 03.02

Posted March 6, 2012 in

You would have never guessed that Utah had been hit with a winter storm based on the outfits the majority of the crowd at Great Saltair rocked last Friday night for Bassnectar—the necessary articles of clothing seemed to be bikinis, LED gloves and furry boots.

Bassnectar is one of the most imaginative, rugged and jarring wobble wobble dubstep producers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. This was my third time seeing him perform live, and he usually has me saying, “Are You Fucking Serious!” at least five times or more throughout the night. The way he brings music to life is what has me addicted. The last time I saw him was at Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival where he blew my mind and then some.

Due to overwhelming ticket sales, the show had been moved to the Great Saltair, and I could see why. Five steps in, I was immediately squished by bodies moving in opposite directions—it was a mad house.  The show hadn’t sold out, technically, but it sure felt that way inside on the main floor. I made haste for the staircase to heaven, aka the staircase to the 21+ level with the bar and less occupants in bikinis wearing furry boots. Bassnectar’s stage set up was created by V2 and was beyond astonishing. The backdrop was a huge LED wall that took up all of the stage, the DJ table had a plasma display that covered the front of it and sometimes went along with the visuals on the larger LED display behind it. There were also basic strobes, flood lights and lasers.

The night began with local support from V2’s own Decay, Morzphyne warming up the crowd with MC Ayeesha keeping energy high. The opening DJ for Bassnectar that night was Ming, who hails from NYC. I honestly had never heard of him before Friday and have to say I was blown away! His set was fluid and consistent with the crowd’s energy, as if he could read their minds. He dropped his new original track “Afterglow,” which will be releasing on Dimmak records in a couple of weeks, and it was a serious banger. It was a “Fuck You, Pay me” track in the best Kanye way. He left the crowd wanting more and me wanting to know more.

After Ming left the stage there was a small hiatus to properly setup Bassnectar for his performance, which I was grateful for. I’d been so consumed in the music that I had failed to realize my cup was empty! After downing my new libation in two seconds, I was full of liquid courage and ready to take on the main floor again—I knew it would be the best view for Bassnectar.

Bass, bass, wobble wobble, eerie sounds and Sean Paul. Bassnectar’s set that night was the most eclectic set I’ve ever heard from him. He dropped this track that had this amazing classical intro similar to the likes of Bach or Mozart that later transformed into this awesome dubstep track. I’m still searching for it on the Internet!

This set also included deep resonating undertones of bass that I could feel surge throughout my body, Rastafarian influenced synths that made my hip twerk like it owed money and a light show that kept my O-face as a permanent addition to my outfit for the rest of the night. Bassnectar dropped tracks like his original “Upside Down“ and “Voodoo,“ the crowd went into a frenzy, especially when he dropped his remix of Ellie Goulding‘s “Lights“ which most of the crowd had been yearning for since he had taken to the stage. Like a steamy lick to the outer rim of the ear during a heated tryst, he was a tease.

He especially teased the crowd that night by dropping little snippets of his ever so popular track, aka my bass anthem, “Bass Head.” It was foreplay for the ears and I loved it. It made the moment when he finally dropped the track that much more satisfying. It was all so breathtaking, a sea of people moving together as one with their bodies hypnotized by the music and tickled by the lights.

It was living art in and of itself. Bassnectar was Picasso that night painting us all in different colors of bass. From beginning to end he had me enthralled and banging my head so hard I got it pregnant with twin bass babies! The stunning visuals made me feel like I was witnessing the apocalypse and the birth of a new world all at the same time. It was definitely a great night to be a Bass Head.