This Will Destroy You with Pure X and Sleep Over @ Kilby Court 05.24

Posted May 27, 2011 in

Photo: P. Vicky Dinka

This is going to be a difficult one ... I have an expensive piece of paper sitting on my bookshelf that says I’m qualified to write this review, and write it well, but words don’t hold enough meaning to describe my experience seeing This Will Destroy You live at Kilby. Unfortunately, I can’t turn back time and force every single one of you into that tiny venue on Tuesday, May 24 to replicate my moment of enlightenment, and though the strings of letters I type seem like petty decorations at this point, here is my attempt at putting into words the wordless:

Experiencing This Will Destroy You live does not require eyes … or ears. Perhaps it was due to the intimacy provided by Kilby’s small venue, or the fact I chose to lean against the velvety wall near one of the speakers―whatever technicalities you’d like to attribute to it (and no, I wasn’t high, just a couple of pints in … )―more than anything, I felt TWDY’s music. Yeah yeah, shrug me off as a cliché sentimentalist, but I’m not talking about heartstrings and tear streaks here. As TWDY moved into their seamless set, starting off with their signature pianissimo dynamics and slowly building into a heavy crescendo, I could physically feel the music. Chris King (guitar), Jeremy Galindo (guitar) and Donovan Jones (bass/keys) layered their respective instruments so thick and deep my entire body buzzed while Alex Bhore’s (drums) beats tore straight through me to replace the comparably weak human muscle inside my chest cavity that somehow still keeps me alive after all that. All right, it’s a little sappy, but goddamn you guys, god damn. It felt like I had been elevated to a higher level of being, and I’m a fucking atheist! Is this what being raptured feels like? Once again, I swear on my mother’s life I was not on drugs … but if TWDY breaks up or decides never to tour again, I might have to start.

When I interviewed Bhore for SLUG’s May issue, he said that TWDY don’t play the kind of music you listen to on shitty laptop speakers. Well, that’s a complete understatement. I’m pretty sure I’m going to blow out my ear drums with how loudly I’ve been playing their recently released album, Tunnel Blanket, after that show. Make sure to experience this absolutely amazing band out of Texas live, along with their tour mates and fellow Texans, Sleep Over and Pure X, even if you have to buy a plane ticket to Europe next month where they’re headed next. It’ll probably cost you as much as you’re spending on mind-altering substances now, anyway, and replenish brain cells rather than deplete them.

Photo: P. Vicky Dinka