Britton Larsen at the SL.AM Finals.
A collage of photos from Go Skateboarding Day
Coda Bonell – Heelflip – West Jordan, Utah
Cobe Harmer – Backside Noseblunt – West Valley City, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
John Quezada – Front Pivot – SoJo, Utah
Kaio Hardman – Frontside Boardslide – Millcreek, Utah Photo by CJ Anderson
Shylio Sweat – Front Crook Pop Over – Richfield, Utah. Photo: Weston Colton
Kendall Woodhouse – Nose Slide – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Night-skating Downtown is one of my favorite things to take photos of! There are so many fun ways to create amazing images using flashes and long exposures. Tyson Bowerbank – Bennett Grind – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Britton Larsen – Front Smith – South Jordan, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson