Kendall Woodhouse – Nose Slide – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Night-skating Downtown is one of my favorite things to take photos of! There are so many fun ways to create amazing images using flashes and long exposures. Tyson Bowerbank – Bennett Grind – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Britton Larsen – Front Smith – South Jordan, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Colin Sheffield – Early Grab Board Slide – Provo, Utah. Photo: Weston Colton.
Hubble making the Backside 180 Nosegrind look like a piece of cake. Photo: Niels Jensen
Colton Woods – Andrecht Invert – Lehi, Utah. Photo: Randy Roberts
Niels Jensen (R) on a skate photoshoot with Levi Faust (L). Photo: Samuel Milianta
Photo: Cj Anderson
Photo: C.J. Anderson
Credit: Niels Jensen