Low Card, Heavy Wheels, Blood Wizard 06.09

Posted June 13, 2012 in

Frank Faria, rock and roll. Photo: Katie Panzer

If you didn’t make it out for the Heavy Wizard Trip, also referred to as the #canwestayonyourcouchtour, you missed one hell of a daytime extravaganza. Hearing about all the good spots and great friends to meet in the Salt Lake Valley, the boys from Low Card Magazine teamed up with Blood Wizard Skateboards and Heavy Wheels for an epic five-day journey from San Francisco to Salt Lake, pit stopping frequently for skate breaks and parking lot demos, ending up in Salt Lake June 9-10. I met up with the guys at Milo Orem on Saturday, where owner Benny Pellegrino put together a raging barbeque for everyone complete with burgers, tunes, giveaways and a fun little skate course built out of a couple of benches and a little launch ramp. After the burgers and chips had been demolished and the skate course transformed into a mini super feature, the crowd started getting antsy for the migration from the shop through Provo Canyon to Heber skate park. This seemed to be the most fitting park to attend if you factored in the “Heavy Wizard” style. These guys are transition masters, airing every hip with precision and finesse, finding lines I am almost positive have never been done. The highlight of the Heber session was definitely watching the team gather around the loveseat feature and start pulling every trick you could imagine out of the bag. I am pretty sure I even saw a 50-50 to 270 into the small yet very fast transition. I can’t wait for these guys to come back to town for more good times, and I know they’ll be missing Salt Lake as well.

Check out SLUG’s recap of the Sunday skate sesh here. More photos by Katie Panzer here.

Frank Faria, rock and roll. Photo: Katie Panzer Shredder taking a nap while his dad skates. Photo: Katie Panzer