Dew Tour Opening Party at the Jibyard

Posted January 22, 2010 in

On Thursday, Jan., 14th The Jib Yard got the Winter Dew Tour started with a bang at their opening party.  For one night the Jibyard transformed the indoor terrain park into something that resembled a warehouse party.  Grant Avenue was closed down and if it hadn’t been for the misty weather the night may have taken on more of a block party atmosphere. When I arrived around 10 p.m. the place was jammed, but the bar tenders kept the service fairly speedy despite the size of the crowd.

DJ duo Nickel & Dime were perched far above the crowd and their set was in high gear by the time that I arrived. While half the crowd was trying to navigate through the space to look for the bathroom, a drink or wandering aimlessly with a slightly glazed over look, the other half was getting down. My personal favorite was the woman who ran, jumped and then shimmied her way up to the DJ platform.  Everyone who was huddled in the VIP area sippin’ on Ogden’s Own Underground (a locally made drink that tastes similar to Jager) got a much better view of her dance moves than they would have if she’d stayed on the ground near everyone else.

If people watching got old, you could turn your attention to the women suspended from the ceiling dancing in hoops and long silk sashes. If the lighting and their “stage costumes” had been a bit better the night might have been upped to the category of house party meets circus meets night at the club.

By the time that DJ Hot Noise had taken the stage the crowd had thinned out considerably. In retrospect it was probably because Dew Tour staff had to be on mountain early the next day and anyone that had braved the highways had a long misty drive back home. Despite the dwindling number of the crowd Hot Noise’s set didn’t disappoint.

Overall, the night was a good start to a packed weekend in Ogden.