F*#@ It Premiere @ The Complex 10.15.10

Posted October 28, 2010 in

Forum knows a few things about diversifying their riders—and I’m not just talking about Stevie Bell. Forum’s new movie Fuck It brings something to the table for all types of shredders to snack on. More than any other movie that dropped this fall, Fuck It covered all the shred basics– urban jibs, massive park jumps and backcountry powder goodness.


Many film companies these days seem to isolate themselves in one area or another, Forum (partnering with Special Blend and Foursquare) brings you a team of riders that are sure to satisfy your every desire. Maybe you like watching John Jackson huck himself off cliffs or maybe you enjoy watching Austen Sweetin play with fire, or maybe you are a sick fuck like me who enjoys watching Cameron Pierce thrash his body with his “balls to the wall” mentality. Whatever makes your panties wet, Fuck It will do it for you.


Besides making grown men cream their jeans, Fuck It will make you laugh as well. Forum doesn’t forget that snowboarding is about having fun, not maintaining your “I’m a hard-ass” image. These guys aren’t afraid to look like dumb asses, even if it means mounting a horse and pretending it’s a unicorn. Besides, when will talking animals saying “Fuck it,” not be at least a little bit funny? Probably not in our lifetimes.


Fuck It is sure to tickle at least one of your fancies, be it your longing for face shots or your love/hate relationship with handrails. Plus, it will probably make you giggle. What more could you want out of a shred flick?