Photo Feature: Will Tuddenham

Rider: Will Tuddenham
Location: Draper, UT
Can you imagine seeing someone rocking a Jazz t-shirt outside of Utah? Do they even exist? I’d seriously love to see the sales numbers for Jazz merch beyond Mormon borders. What the hell does a kid think when he sees Will Tuddenham flying a bright green and yellow logo on his chest when he’s snowboarding? If I was a kid in this day and age, the first thing I’d think was that this was just another ironic t-shirt. But there’s no irony here. Tuddenham, like the rest of us who grew up with “Stockton-to-Malone,” is forever enslaved to fandom of the Jazz, a franchise named after a music scene that has not, does not and will never exist in Utah. Talk about irony! Back to the photo: It was taken in the deepest depths of Salt Lake’s suburbia. Actually, you can’t get any closer to Provo without being there, and it’s so boring that you have to bring your own props (notice the perfectly placed picnic table) to even make snowboarding interesting.