The Arena Premiere @ U of U Fine Arts Hall 10.08.10

Posted November 4, 2010 in

Photo: Sean Kerrick Sullivan

It seems that the question for riders of our generation is: What to wear. Tight pants or baggy? Which school of thought do you associate with— tree-huggin’, g-thuggin’ or tight-pants, wide stance? How do you decide? The pros you look up to are a good indication of what size you buy your pants. MFM and Finger On Da Trigger productions teamed up with Technine once again to make a pretty convincing case for rocking your pants around your knees in their new film, The Arena.





Derek Dennison opens the movie hitting gaps that would make any sane person shit those triple-XL pants. To top that off, he nose presses the whole 60-some-odd stair set in Cole Taylor’s backyard. It seems that Dennison puts himself in do-or-die situations on the regular. Travis Kennedy joined the Technine crew last winter, after being dropped from the Forum team, and already secured one of the longer parts in the movie. Kennedy takes a super narrow stairway and makes it his bitch by front boarding not one but both of the handrails—at the same time. He may be new to the team, but he’s obviously not new to the game. Technine’s token fuck-up, Lucas Magoon, spends most of his part getting busted by the cops. Somehow, that’s not surprising. The banger of all bangers was the 50-50 360 and then back to 50-50 on a gnarly down rail. Who the fuck does that shit? Dylan Thompson, that’s who. Thompson is the darling of the Technine team and his part took him from up-and-comer to heavy hitter. He is sure to go down in the snowboarding history books as a legend of the new school.


The Arena had a lot more lifestyle shots than most shred flicks but Technine is a lot more lifestyle than most other snowboarding companies. Technine isn’t just a board company and FODT isn’t just a production company– it’s a way of life for the riders. So maybe The Arena isn’t stacked with hammers start to finish but the production is on point. Cole Taylor has his cinematography and editing on lock. He goes above and beyond, creating an artsy yet still gangster film.


Baggy pants may not have won the war yet but FODT and Technine are here to stay, and I can bet the XL crowd will be just a little bit stronger this season in the fashion show that is known as the lift lines.


Photo: Sean Kerrick Sullivan Photo: Sean Kerrick Sullivan