Thirty Two Day at Brighton 03.02.10

Posted March 5, 2010 in

Tweaked tail press

As I’m chilling at the top of the banked slalom course that the Brighton Park Crew built for ThirtyTwo Day, waiting my turn to drop, I realize I’m standing amongst some of Salt Lake’s finest amateur shredders. I immediately start thinking, “I’m totally fucked.” Hearing the crowd in front of me let out a simultaneous “Ohhh!” every time someone gets bucked from the third berm isn’t helping my nerves either.  After waiting for almost an hour and a half, it’s finally my turn to drop in. After rounding the second berm, I’m going mach speed, the course is totally chunked out and I may or may not be a little bit tipsy. By some act of God, I make it down the course in one piece.

For most of the day, the time to beat was 55.9 seconds, laid down by Everest Arnold. Just when everyone thought Everest had first on lockdown, Brandon Hobush slayed the course in 55.8 seconds, barely snagging first place. Tucker Andrews finished a close third with 56 and some odd seconds. For the ladies, Helen Wade demolished the course with a freaky-fast time of 59.1 seconds. Midori Oatari came in second at 62.4 and yours truly rounded out the podium finishers with third.

After the banked slalom winners were announced, the rail jam began. The park crew set up a down rail and a kinked rail with a mini-kicker between them and a sweet stall at the end. Everyone was throwing down their best tricks in hopes of being the overall winner of both the slalom and the rail jam and walking away with a new board and $320 cash money. Super steezy front boards down the rail and Miller flips over the stall were abundant. One little grom was throwing some serious inverted aerials, even after being advised otherwise.  After the judges narrowed the competition to the top ten, they made their final decisions. Sean Black took first in the men’s division. Both Brandon and Everest placed again, taking second and third respectively. For the ladies, Lejawn Allen placed first, followed by Midori in second and Erica Vancander in third. Brandon and Midori were both awarded first place overall and walked away $320 richer. To top the whole day off, ThirtyTwo treated everyone to free beers at Molly Green’s.

Tweaked tail press Super crowded gates Womens overall winner Midori Oatari