September 4, 2013

Contributor Limelight: Billy Ditzig

Billy Ditzig is an aspiring entrepreneur. Moving to Salt Lake in 2007 from Chicago after Googling “Closest big city to the mountains,” he started at SLUG soon after and has been on the rise ever since. At SLUG, Billy has written mostly snowboard and skate content, and plays a big part in the SLUG Games and Summer of Death series, from helping garner sponsorships and designing the course to picking up trash. Billy graduates with his Associates in General Studies from SLCC this upcoming spring, and plans to continue his education at the University of Utah in Communications and Marketing. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he’s also the owner and operator of Salt City Vinyl, where he prints custom stickers. Catch Billy riding the snowy waves of Brighton in the winter, flying over concrete on a skateboard in the summer, fly fishing, thrift store treasure hunting and … Well––just follow him on Instagram @billbored to keep track of this righteous dude.