September 5, 2019

Contributor Limelight: Peter Fryer

Senior Staff Writer Peter Fryer is a writer’s writer. Since March 2005, Fryer has covered his beat of hardcore music faithfully and masterfully. Even though his palate for music is vast, he maintains a focus on hardcore as a lifer who’s immersed himself in its history, tropes and ever-evolving styles and cultural permutations. Fryer’s favorite SLUG assignments include his interviews with Riley Gale from Power Trip and Kurt Ballou from Converge, and his reviews of Propagandhi’s Victory Lap and Planes Mistaken for StarsPrey. You can read Fryer’s review of Knocked Loose’s A Different Shade of Blue in this month’s issue on pg. 32—he maintains his penchant for proclaiming the hard work and artistic merit of musicians on the independent circuit. Hence, Fryer is all SLUG. We cherish having Peter Fryer on the team and love his work!