Now known textually as “Heck Fork Grief,” Scott Farley started at SLUG in 1995 when former Editor Gianni Ellefsen ran the magazine, and was the “acting General Editor”—as he puts it—for a period of time. Farley has had a long tenure with the magazine, including his authorship of the popular “Serial Killer of the Month” column, in which he profiled serial murderers throughout history, each month from ’95–2000, under the pen name of St. Feltcher. His favorite was an April Fools’ joke about the fictitious Pilar Sofol! Farley also takes pride in initiating SLUG’s coverage of the Nova Chamber Music Series, and he presently writes food reviews. Through grappling with each review, Farley ultimately finds contentment in the act of writing and forming a critical opinion about local restaurants—and we continually adore his poetic prose with each piece.