April 2, 2020

Contributor Limelight – Rio Connelly

For over 10 years, SLUG has been fortunate enough to work with a veritable mage of beer-brewing, writing and drumming. SLUG Senior Staff Writer Rio Connelly has not only covered local beer, spirits and food for the mag, but has also given us his expertise on local beer as a content consultant. Well-respected in the community as the founding Head Brewer of Proper Brewing, Connelly’s knowledge about beer—and myriad other topics—seems boundless. He’s never content to rest on his laurels, drawing on his creative drives for anything from arcane beer recipes in his library to lyrical drumwork in his punk band, Filth Lords. In this, our 13th Annual Beer Issue, find Connelly’s essays about what constitutes vegan beer and on how to taste craft beer at beer fests such as SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery—you’ll get a sip of why we’re lucky to have him!