Cover story: Waterfront

Cover Story: Waterfront


Dan (bassist) of Water Front: October 1992Four guys, one band, with a hard-driving, truthful sound. Water Front has been together for a year and a half. The band was formed due to vocalist, Anthony Davis’ need to do something other than sit on his ass. The band also consists of Thai Lee (guitar), Dan Davis (bass guitar) and Chris Bowers (drums). Chris and Dan were previously with the local band Sadhana. These four members have created a sound that flows together into a melodic fury.

Water Front sounds as though it has been influenced by the D.C. Dischord style. Their lyrics deal with everyday life situations and feelings. The band’s appeal has increased over the past little while, especially since the release of their 7″ Confusing The Truth. They will also be featured with other esteemed locals on a compilation from Salt Lake’s own Flatline Records as well as another track on another compilation from Salt Flat Records due out in November.

The long term plans for the band consist mainly of leaving an impression on people wherever they go. Their philosophy on music is no matter how good the music may sound, it can always be improved. This level of thinking will keep the band’s sound improving and keep the band together and on the right track. As for their live performances, they rock and they don’t fuck around. Their music is tight and powerful, with a capital “P.”

With dozens of live shows throughout Utah and a pending tour on the West Coast (starting in Berkeley in November) they are a 

Chris (drummer) of Water Front

band certain to be noticed. First impression of the band off-stage is quiet and subdued, but if you have ever seen them live, you will know differently.

Tai (guitarist) of Water FrontAnthony prefers to spend his time on stage not preaching but sharing his experiences. His blank stare and lyrics give time a demanding presence that people notice. The members agree since the music scene in Salt Lake has changed for the worse and this has only made their music more intense.

Water Front live by only three rules: 1) Stay out of politics, 2) Never compete with other bands for shows and 3) Live and let live. This is quite apparent in their attitude that has and will keep the band working for a good purpose.

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