David Arnett political cartoon

Politics: Do Your Part


As the population of our country moves into a more liberal position, it appears that our conservative, self-serving government moves to a farther right position. The more freedom and individuality are expressed by the majority, the more people stifle that expression. This country seems to be involuntarily regressing into McCarthyism. When McCarthyism took place in the ’50s, the majority of the country was more than willing to eliminate the “Red Menace.” This time around, the government is serving its own needs, not the people’s.

This isn’t just another of the many issues to be ignored. This is an issue that can, and is, leading this state and country into a very dangerous and self-destructive situation. Now, more than ever, we are plagued with economic crises, world peace issues, moral judgments and the general corruption of government officials. This should be the time for us to take the initiative to become a part of the political decision-making process. The problem is, this is usually the time that citizens feel so overwhelmed with all of the pending issues, that he/she is more than happy to turn problems over to someone else. Hence the emergence of a police state.

What inevitably happens in this situation is a loss of freedom. This is not something that may happen in the future, this is something that is well on its way to happening now. It would be easy to blame this on the government, but that would be irresponsible. We allow this to happen by not being politically active. Election day has now passed. And once again, the conservatives are in power. The moral minority always shows up to vote, and they always will. There are more liberals in the population, yet voter apathy keeps them from voting. This sounds quite a bit like a social disease.

One good reason that would keep me from voting is party preference. There isn’t much difference these days between a Republican and a Democrat. A politician can move too far right or left without losing votes. Both parties are moving farther to the right. If Republicans move right, Democrats must also maintain public support. Bill Orton recently won his seat as a Democrat by campaigning as a “conservative Democrat.” As a voter, you have only two realistic parties to choose from. If you vote for an independent delegate, what are the chances of that person winning? Slim to none. So what do we do?

Writing your congressman isn’t the answer; although, it couldn’t hurt. Chances are though, no attention would be paid to your letter unless it contained a sizable “campaign contribution.” I believe that a stronger, non-violent approach is called for. I’m not talking about some ‘60s hippy-peace-dope smoke-a-thon-free love sit-in on the capitol lawn shit. I’m talking about seeking out public response and support in any way it can be obtained. Send an editorial to a newspaper you think will print it. Take part in a demonstration. You may have a hard time finding a demonstration around here, so start one.

The likelihood of having your opinion heard (whatever it may be), is dramatically increased when it is combined with others. Next time you hang out somewhere drinking coffee, bag the trite conversation about sports and foreplay. Try talking about current issues that affect you. Take a look at what is going on in the government from your perspective—not your parents or your friends. What’s going on isn’t very pretty. Corrupt is probably a better word. Listen to the news on KRCL instead of the Bruce Lindsey show. Television is nothing but a theatrical blindfold. The nightly news is not going to give you the whole story about what is going on.

Don’t let other people decide your future. Do something now, while you still have the chance. If politics continue to move in the direction they are now, we all have our individuality immobilized right after we are given a good old-fashioned Republican frontal lobotomy. Write a letter to SLUG. Let us know you are alive. If we get enough letters, we can probably put them to good use.

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