Steel Cage Books
Street: 01.01.03


This book drips blood; I’m not kidding. The pure destructo rock evil of ANTiSEEN inhabits it. A black leather cover and silver foil lettering is more than appropriate for a book I can’t put down, which I’m a little afraid of. Destructo Maximus is a collection of everything ANTiSEEN. Everything is here, from photos of the early days to flyers to just about every article ever written about the band. ANTiSEEN are the band that said “fuck all the rules,” and I mean all of them. This isn’t a movement, this is rock n’ roll. Even their name actually means “anti-Scene,” meaning, screw all these underground scenes trying to tell you what to do; rock n’ roll means doing what you want to do–it’s freedom. ANTiSEEN have never pulled any punches with their music and the same could be said about this book. Even though there are a lot of cool articles about the band in here, the best are the candid interviews with band members done just for the book–discussing music, life on tour and philosophies. They never hold back– it’s a dangerous book about a dangerous band. –James Orme