Actionist. Provocateur. Demiurge. Loyal friend. Endless Shoe boxes nursing wounded baby birds. sharp swords. Blaze of glory. Fierce individualist. Fighter. Relisher of impossibilities. Time traveler. Blue mage. Chronic user of LIFE. Flames and smoke in death. Chivalrous. Unafraid. Persistent in vision. If you knew her, you know. If not, dig deep and discover her works. With utmost respect and in my own name –Eli Morrison

Simon had an enthusiasm toward life that inspired me. I looked up to her, and I always will for her ability to look beyond the obvious value of something. She appreciated the intricacies in people that make them imperfect, and make them who they are. Nobody has ever had me feeling as cool, as smart or as interesting as Simon made me feel. I was flattered to be her friend. She supported me through my transition into motherhood when I was unsure about myself. She was there magically on so many days when I was struggling, and her friendly distraction pushed me through. I took those perfectly timed visits as a sign we were connected by the universe in some way. She adored my daughter, Birdy, and Birdy loves her so very much. I have so many pieces of her art and parts of her imagination left behind, scribed and colored all over scraps of paper. I have never parted with anything she created. I will treasure my collection and show Birdy as she grows up, so that she can have the insight into her Auntie Kelly’s unbridled creativity. I love and miss her so very much, and in my heart and in my stories, she will continue to inspire me every day. –Karolyn Diana Kimsey

I met Kelly in 1993, less than a year after we had both graduated high school. My youth was built with Kelly, and I will always love and miss her. I spent so much time with Kelly that we became adults together, from her teaching me to play pool at the Farmer’s Daughter to driving around in her purple BMW while causing adolescent havoc. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by: Kelly will always be a part of me growing up. We remain friends no matter what. She is a part of me as much as any memory.

I will never forget seeing you at Dead Can Dance. That was the last time I saw you and you were so happy. I will always have the image of you to fill my heart when I think about you. I love you. –Jennifer Parker

I first met Simon when she was still Kelly. I had an immediate sense of friendship. She was living with my friend, Melinda, and I would stop by their place on a regular basis to visit and laugh. Simon was an artist and may have inspired my artistic side. I made my first collage at her house. Over time, our friendship and trust grew. She was always direct and to the point—no bullshit. I appreciated that about her—Even when she was stern, I didn’t take it personally because I know we were friends on a deep level. I lost touch with her about five years ago, and I saw her one last time at Dead Can Dance last summer, and it was so good to hug her and tell her how well I’d been doing. I will miss her deeply. I love you, Simon. –Eric Anderson