SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #209 – Studio Studio Dada, The Medusa Collective

This week, SLUG writer Blake Leszczynski chats with two musical and cultural organizations making an impact in Provo and beyond: Studio Studio Dada and The Medusa Collective. In this episode of Soundwaves, the official podcast of SLUG Magazine, we’ll be speaking with a pair of musical and cultural influences making an impact in Utah County and beyond, Studio Studio Dada and The Medusa Collective

Studio Studio Dada in an independent recording studio located in Provo. The studio boasts a collection of microphones, instruments and recordin equipment, catering to both the indie and garage rock music scenes for whatever they may need to create a signature sound. Bands that have recorded albums in the studio include Quiet House, Sen Wisher, The Salt The Sea and The Sun God, Bat Manners, Night Wings and Batty Blue. SLUG writer Blake Leszczynski sat down with founder, Stephen Cope, to talk about the studio.

The Medusa Collective are a music and cultural representation group based out of Provo. The group’s main focus is to support and unite female and non-binary musicians, as well as encourage better gender representation in the Provo music scene. The group was founded in early 2015 with musicians and influential figureheads from over a dozen groups. Blake Leszczynski chatted with Collective member Marina Tijerino about the group.

Music for this episode was provided by OK Ikumi, a local electronic artist who also runs the local label Hel Audio. OK Ikumi is characterized by a futuristic, synthesized sound similar to chiptune. The label is entirely local and their music is available online at or in local record stores on cassette.

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Interviewers: Blake Leszczynski
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