SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #310 – Cool Banana

VHS Vic (Victor Blandon) is a stop-motion animator whose penchant for puppetry has evolved into Cool Banana, a muppet-rock band centered around theatrics and onstage characters. This episode of Soundwaves explores music as it happens in Vic’s world, an almost absurdist and contemporary dadaist dreamscape.

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  • This podcast was created by SLUG Magazine and produced by Angela H. Brown, Parker Scott Mortensen
  • Associate Producers: Alexander Ortega, Joshua Joye, John Ford, Bianca Velasquez, Zaina Abujebarah
  • Executive Producer: Angela H. Brown
  • Music by Cool Banana
  • Soundwaves logo and art design by Nicholas Dowd
  • Photo courtesy of Jeremy Devine