Industrial Notes: August 1993

Industrial Notes: August 1992


This is the month for the long awaited releases, the first being Ministry’s Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs. Fulfilling the promise of The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste and going further and heavier, Psalm 69 is an all-out assault by Ministry. Starting with the first track and new single, “N.W.O.”, this record is noisier, grungier and more obnoxious than anything you might have expected. The terror doesn’t let up either but kicks you in the ground and spits on you as you grab your balls. Why can’t these techno bands realize that guitars and sequencers do mix. Get the “N.W.O.” single just for the b-side, “Fucked”. 

Ministry, Industrial Notes: August 1993
Ministry, Industrial Notes: August 1993

The second long awaited release is last month’s new Tear Garden record, the latest collaboration between the legendary Edward Ka-Spel and the boys of Skinny Puppy. sure it’s more moody and mellow like The Legendary Pink Dots, but it’s incredibly cool. 

Also out now on Nettwerk is Final Cut’s “Testament/I Believe In You” single. The single has three groovy remixes off the Final Cut’s full length. 

Leatherstrip has a new record, Solitary Confinement. It doesn’t seem to be quite as heavy as earlier releases, but it’s good techno-industrial stuff, has a good beat, and you can dance to it. I give it a nine. 

Sister Machine Gun is the latest addition to the Wax Trax! family and has a CD, Sins of The Flesh, available now. Also a bit on the lighter side of industrial, the band seems to have been taken under the wing by Sascha of KMFDM, and some of the album’s mixing was done by David Ogilvie of Skinny Puppy. This record sounds a bit too much like Nine Inch Nails for my taste, but check it out for your damn self. 

Young Men Coming To Power is the latest from Code Industry! I like this a lot more than the earlier stuff. Kind of a cross between Front Line Assembly and Consolidated. This is a politically enlightened, powerful record adding a lot of diverse elements over the industrial grind. CODE INDUSTRY is the first Black industrial band since Beatnigs disappeared into D.H.0.H. Some other stuff you should add to your collection includes MURDER, INC.‘s Corpuscle and two new releases from Luc Van Acker‘s label World Domination, Low Pop Suicide and Sky Cries Mary

Also out is a new Controlled Bleeding record on Third MindUntil next time…

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