Notes from the Industrial Underground: March 1992

National Music Reviews

Well kids, I’m back from hell with news from the frontline of the Industrial Revolution. Kicking it off this month is a new single and album from Germany’s techno-funksters KMFDM. Both “Vogue” and “Money” have lots of grinding grooves that offer you. Don’t get confused with that crotch-grabbing pop queen, Madonna. KMFDM has a new Vogue that rocks the dance-floor, taking no prisoners. Money isn’t as consistent as last year’s Naive, but it’s still a great piece o’ CD.

Skinny Puppy has a new record coming out on Capitol. It’s out already in Canada through Nettwerk mail order, but the advanced cassette song sounds great. It’s another hit for the Puppy crew. Let’s get ’em to Salt Lake this time around kids. Also on Nettwerk are new singles from MC 900 Ft Jesus and Consolidated. If you’re not hip on Consolidated yet you should go out of your way to pick up Friendly Fascism, the most important record of this year.

Some new Antler-Subway stuff out includes the first release from what’s called Press Fire To Continue as well as singles from D.Sign, Channel X and Praga Khan with dance floor techno raves.

Play It Again Sam has released new albums from The Cassandra Complex and Borghesia. The complex has gone more towards rock but the Borghesia record is heavy!

New on Third Mind is the debut release from Intermix or those boys from Front Line Assembly. It’s a dance floor demolition with cool Hellraiser samples and funky beats.

Other releases include new ones from Creaming Jesus, Genesis P-Orridge and Stan Bingo, a reissue from interim Clock DVA’s T.A.G.C., The Fatima Mansions, Gortus, Swans early stuff, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Sloppy Wrenchbody, Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford, San Francisco’s Exorcist, The Young Gods, a Z’EV box set, and my personal pick of the month: Klute’s Explicit. This single kicks your ass and then jumps all over you while you’re still genuflecting before your maker.

Next month: Lords of Acid remixes, a Christian Death compilation with re-recorded and new songs, the new Skinny Puppy, blah, blah, blah.

Keep an eye out for the evil one. I’ll be resurfacing soon in a new location. Until next month … Places to go, people to kill….

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