River Bed Jed: February 1993

River Bed Jed: February 1993



River Bed Jed, The Decomposers @ Bar & Grill 01.14.1993

Chad of River Bed Jed
River Bed Jed, February 1993

I showed up to the bar rather early, hoping to down a few beers before the bands started playing. Evidently, so did many others. There was a lot of drinking going on, and I think that both the bands

and the bar were pleased.

Riverbed Jed is totally killer. They are on the Salt Flat Compilation, but in my opinion they are a whole lot better. They were just fuckin’ cool. The singer’s voice is reminiscent of Eddie Vedder‘s, but the music is full on rock and roll.

You all know that “I was raised by a pack of wild corn dogs.” Anyway, the Decomposers are the stick up my ass that make me happy. Nothing could be finer than an evening with these boys. Is it me or do things for these boys get crazier and crazier?

They covered the theme to The Dukes of Hazzard and played all my favorites. The last song ended up in a full on dog pile on the stage, which I luckily managed to stay out of.

This evening was rock and roll, boys and girls! 

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