Concert Review: October 1992

Concert Review: October 1992


Sept 10 – Club Starrz

Thursday, September 10… What the fuck? Why do people not come out to shows anymore? Do you not like the venue? I must admit that Club Starrz is a change from the old, but it is a fucking hall. It is a place to see great bands for a few bucks.

I am sad because there was literally no one there. All the bands played loud and hard for the 10 or so people there. Godthing opened the show that evening. They have gotten much louder since I saw them last. Unfortunately, they have since broken up.


From there, things just get louder, better and harder with Mouthbreather up next. This band could only be classified as hardcore-grunge-punk. This is a band that everybody should check out. The female vocalist is killer and their lyrics are totally in-your-face with music that is even better. The band graciously passed out lyric sheets before the show, I guess, in hopes for some sort of sick and twisted karaoke sing-a-long. Mouthbreather ’s most memorable song they played (and I am sure it will become a trademark for the band) was ‘Dear God.”

“Dear God, thanks for pussy / Dear God, thanks for pussy / Dear God, thanks for drugs.” Now honestly isn’t that what everyone wants to hear screamed through over amplification? Now don’t you wish you would have come to the show?

Sludgeplow from Iowa City came on next. I was really into these guys. They are a mix between Melvins, Godflesh and Jesus Lizard. They are slow, loud and grindy. It made you feel like grunge-fuckin’ your Gramma’s poodle.

I guess I am not surprised at a lot of you for staying home, Hollywood 90210 was on and you can not miss that. All I can say is Sludgeplow will be back October 15 at Bar & Grill and Starrz and you should not miss them.. Oh yeah, bring earplugs.  –Chopper

Organized Confusion
Athletes Butt
Sept 18 – Bar and Grill

Fast, hard and loud. Those are the words that describe Organized Confusion’S sound. Pun rock! One of the things about Organized Confusion’s music

is their overlying political messages, however, I won’t go into that. You really ought to do yourself a favor and go see them sometime.

Athletes Butt were next on stage. And, take the stage they did. Their antics on stage are entertaining ,and their music is great. Ian doesn’t fuck around at all as he jumps right into the crowd to make sure you hear what he has to say. Even though they had some music problems, all went well. Right up to the orgasmic climax by Jamie which (as always) is a crowd pleaser.  –RMD

Chumba Wumba
Sept 24 – Club Starzz

Wow, people actually showed up this time. Unfortunately, the Nazi’s and the usual bullshit went down but the show was still good. Hopefully though, shows like this can happen more a great band. I have said it before and I will say it again. They sing songs about drugs, sex, and killing, and that’s right up my alley. You don’t necessarily have to be into all of it, but some experience makes their music good.

N.S.C. started their set with one of their best songs, I didn’t catch the name of it but I soon noticed that the songs that followed were also good. Political and Religious satire … killer! The political stands of this band are by far the best part of their total punk sound. Complete with costumes, masks, and other paraphrenalia. Their music only stopped long enough to change a string.

Headlining was Chumba Wumba from the U.K. They were much different from the two opening bands in style but similar on political awareness. They sound like a folksy, modern, industrial thing that is kind of hard to describe but it all mixes together quite well. They really entertained the crowd … dressing up; dressing down and at one point I think I saw Jes

us. I missed the last part of the show but I bought a record and 1 like it. Shhhhhh.  –Chopper

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