Amber Heaton, Football Fish.

Gallery Stroll – July 2009


Ever wanted to take a step back and see the world through someone else’s eyes? The monthly gallery stroll allows one to slow down, change perspectives and connect to the people and things that make up humanity.

Salt Lake Gallery Stroll started over 26 years ago and remains today an institution among artists and art patrons, and as always, takes place on the third Friday of the month. Galleries extend their hours and provide an inviting atmosphere for all who want to attend. One of the benefits of writing about the local art scene is getting the scoop on emerging artists.

This month, the Kayo Gallery (177 E. 300 S.) will feature shiny young artists Claire Taylor, Amber Heaton and Dave Habben. Kayo Gallery curator Shilo Jackson crafted this show after seeing the artists’ work individually, but the genius of the show is that even though they aren’t collaborating on the project, an overall theme of self discovery and awareness has surfaced.

Are we following the leader of the pack or forging new trails? 
Illustration by Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor has chosen to explore the patterns and mystique of animal life. Deviating from her printmaking and focusing on her drawings and watercolors allowed her the fluidity needed to illuminate the harmonious, organic, yet instinctual and fundamental, patterns that make up an animal’s perception of self and purpose. Her use of white space allows the viewer to contemplate their own sense of patterns and humanity’s expectation of man. Are we following the leader of the pack or forging new trails?

Dave Habben is a full-time freelance illustrator, which can also read: “slave to the man.” Not that being an illustrator is bad work, but you are conveying other people’s thoughts and images. In this show, Dave gets to delve deep into his own sense of self and purpose. “I’m used to telling other people’s stories through visual means and consequently much of my work hasn’t reflected much of my own story.

With that in mind, I’ve created a small series of drawings that use visual metaphors to reflect more detailed aspects of my life and mindset. My hope is that people will view something that is seemingly small and simple, and find within it a greater message,” said Dave.

Amber Heaton came on to this project as the installation artist. She is also bringing in a third element—deep-sea life. Through printmaking and wood and paper sculpture, she explores the mystery and alien qualities of the creatures that occupy the deepest, darkest regions of this planet.

Adapting her printmaking techniques to begin with the darkest shades, she reminds the viewer of how the creatures themselves have adapted to the deep, dark sea. Though vastly different, many themes of evolution, beauty, survival and purpose connect all of us as citizens of the world.

The show begins July 17, at 6 p.m. during the official Gallery Stroll and will hang through the second week of August.