Cintia Lastra on a Harley Davidson

SLUG Style: Cintia Lastra

Art and Fashion

Our March installment of SLUG Style features Cintia Lastra, a jewelry maker and roller skater from Salt Lake City. Lastra’s jewelry work incorporates the new with the old, signifying her deeply-held belief in healing and community, of acknowledging your baggage and revealing its inherent beauty. Lastra’s love for roller skating came about as an outlet for grieving the loss of her father, and so the practice has taken on greater meaning as she’s paired the growth of her hobby with her own jewelry work. You can see more of Lastra and her work on Instagram at @thewitchesforge.

"Something personal and very important to my skating is that this was my outlet for grieving my fathers passing. To this day it acts as another outlet for expression, but most importantly it acts as my personal mental therapy," says Lastra.
Photo: Jovvany Villalobos

SLUG: What are your interests or hobbies? What is the hobby or interest that you have that no one would realize to ask you about?

Lastra: In connection to learning my divine purpose, I love the phases of curiosity in which I find myself. Currently, leatherwork has me intrigued, and I’m loving the incorporation with my Jewelry creations. A sport that I surprised even myself getting into, and that no one would assume of me, is rock climbing at The Front. Looking forward to getting on my motorcycle and finding an outdoor climbing destination. 

Sewing is another hobby I still do very often for myself and for my friends. I learned to sew at a young age as I was so petite my clothes were always a challenge to fit properly—and still are!

And of course, the not-so-obvious to those closest to me or those following my Instagram, roller skating. 

Tell us about your art making and jewelry. 

I had my first touch creating jewelry in my middle school years. I would make simple, beaded pieces and take it to school in a drawstring bag to sell. Never did I imagine making jewelry again until I found myself, three years ago, learning the process of electro-forming from videos I found online. I’m passionate about bringing unique jewelry into existence. Copper is such an underrated metal in jewelry, and I thoroughly enjoy bringing elements together in my jewelry such as wood, bones, crystals, plants and maybe even bugs someday if I’m ever brave enough for that!

What are your stylistic influences? This could be a band, decade, fictional character—anything.

Kate Bush, Shakira in ’95, Xena: Warrior Princess, Phillip Tracey, @kot__Ko, Elaine from The Love Witch.

What inspires your artwork? 

Inspiration primarily comes from my interest in architecture: beautifully hypnotizing, antiquated buildings that hold so much character. Nature being another, I find so many organic items I harvest on hikes with my fur baby, Glynda. When it comes to crystals I use in my pieces, I only use what I’m drawn towards and love myself. My art style is evolving as a by product of my experiences, and I’m so excited to see the growth over even just the past few years. 

It comes together all so divinely. I create what I want to exist as personal talismans that we can carry in our journey.

Are you always “on” or would someone see you at the grocery store, for example, with less elements of your style?

Honestly, the only moments I would say I see myself not “on” is when I take Glynda out for her moments of relief! But YES, I would say every single other moment I am “on.” This is because I dress authentically for myself, confidently embracing my expression. Feeling good will always have a beautiful, energetic impact, and this carries through how we radiate to others, how new interactions can organically be created throughout the day simply by the confidence in which we carry ourselves. I can be sporty spice, alluring, playful, bold; it’s just important to have fun in our expression of style. I’ll conclude by saying, I’m a Leo! Astrologically, I’m destined to care. 

Why is roller skating important to you? How have you incorporated the hobby into your life—and your dress? 

Roller skating has become something more than I imagined it would when I started! Something personal and very important to my skating is that this was my outlet for grieving my fathers passing. To this day it acts as another outlet for expression, but most importantly it acts as my personal mental therapy. I started skating alone in parking lots, I found myself learning and growing with an abundance of skaters, a community: SLC Skate Babes. I love to incorporate my dancing style with roller skating, moving and dancing to music. It’s how I ground myself to being present in the moment. It feels so freeing being able to skate around the streets downtown. I find myself in pure bliss roller skating to the post office to drop off my jewelry orders.

How has your personal style evolved over time?

My style has evolved as my inner personal growth and confidence has grown, as I have been truly embracing this moment in time and in life, not fearing expression and how beautifully unique we all are. It’s also so important to me to empower other divine feminine beings, to support each other and help us all feel our confidence in ourselves and to help build together. I am authentically there for myself so I can radiate and share with others. I have realized every piece has to be very intentional, combining thrifted/vintage goodies with new ones. This also helps me feel more a part of honoring the Earth and continuing to give old clothes new life! I am very mindful of each piece I acquire, so I actually don’t have that large of a wardrobe as some might expect. It’s a common comment, but I would rather have quality than quantity. I have grown closer to honoring my Latin roots, and I love incorporating that into my aesthetic. 

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would those be? 

Loving, strong, light 

How does your jewelry inspire your own fashion? 

Accessories are where I find it’s easiest to be most playful with when creating a fit for myself. Whether it’s a fun hair scarf, hair picks, a fanny pack or some fun glasses, it’s in the details! 

So jewelry is my favorite accessory of course! I like to feel the weight of my rings or the small detail in weather earrings. My jewelry is meant to be that eye catcher for anyone’s accessories collection. Of course, stones carry their own energy. If programmed or intentions are set, stones can have more meaning than being an accessory! 

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