The BE:LIGHT Candle Co. create products that serve as both a physical and symbolic embodiment of a shared communal message.

Gift Ideas from Indie Utah Businesses: BE:LIGHT Candle Co.


While our holiday experience this year might look like a chapter out of a dystopian novel, we can all fi nd common ground in our venture to make this year’s holiday season as normal as possible. Still, our heart’s genuine desire to practice the love language of gift-giving remains unaffected by these tumultuous times. As we search for the perfect item for that perfect someone, we want to do so safely and invest our precious coin into people—not corporations. Here are seven local creatives and their products that say “I didn’t forget you amid the chaos” in a perfectly handmade way.

Under the moniker BE:LIGHT Candle Co., Taylor and Matt Lamb create candles with a cause. In addition to providing cozy scents and atmospheric, naturalistic lighting, the Lambs seek to use their products to raise awareness about suicide prevention and instill their customers with a message of self-love and togetherness.

“[We] want to ‘BE:LIGHT’ metaphorically and literally, because our cause and our products tie that together,” the pair says. “Our company is a call to action in terms of doing something during these crazy times … and sharing the hope that is available amid the chaos.” In addition to awareness-raising speaking events, BE:LIGHT donates 15% of their earnings to the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention & Awareness) and are active members of the Utah Suicide Coalition.

BE:LIGHT Candles come in a variety of scents and are made from sustainable ingredients.
Photo: @TBZDPhoto

When it comes to the physical candles, BE:LIGHT products range from 6 oz. ($20) to a three-wick 24 oz. ($60) and offer a variety of homemade scents. From classics like Indian Sandalwood to unique nostalgias like Pipe Tobacco, refreshing blends like Grapefruit & Mint or holiday favorites Pumpkin Spice and Blue Spruce, BE:LIGHT candles utilize natural ingredients to create unforgettable scents, all housed in an eco-friendly soy wax.

While BE:LIGHT products are available for order from their site, the Lambs urge customers to visit some of their local-business peers who carry the candles. They hope to “create anticipation and reason for consumers to travel to other nearby small businesses to find our products,” say the Lambs. Among their current local carriers are Salt & Honey and Dancing Crane, but the list is constantly updating and changing.

BE:LIGHT candles are products that serve as both a physical and symbolic embodiment of a shared communal message. “I think we have a lot of opportunities to build a team of people who are passionate about people, who love candles,” they say. Find more information on BE:LIGHT and stay up to date on current stockists on Instagram @belightcandleco. Audrey Lockie