Miss Misc.: Craft Lake City Vintage Vendor


Among a slew of unique vintage vendors at the Craft Lake City Virtual DIY Festival, Miss Misc. (owned and operated by vintage veteran Missy Baber) doesn’t aim to outline a specific style as much as it does seek to serve its clients in their individuality and uniqueness. “The aesthetic and style I’m trying to cultivate is for my clientele to discover and develop their own aesthetic and style,” says Baber of the loose ties that bind Miss Misc. together. After moving back home to SLC following a six-year stint in Florida, Baber is ready to outfit Utah’s residents in their own personalized vintage wears.

Missy Baber of Miss. Misc. with one of her eclectic finds.
Photo: John Barkiple

This artistic free-for-all doesn’t equate to an absent curatorial touch, however, as Baber takes great pride in the quality of her found clothes. “My process for finding new items is pretty organic,” she says. “I do a ton of poking around and over time, I’ve really learned to trust what I’m drawn to. The quality of the fabric is my first indicator, but the lines of the item are what really make or break it for me.” In addition to this high-quality, craft ready eye, Baber is also interested in breaking down normative gender binaries, a goal easily afforded in the wild west of the contemporary vintage world.

Baber’s defining characteristic, however, is her close commune with her clientele. “I have a great eye for how an item will fit best, and my favorite part is when I already know exactly who it will be perfect for,” she says. “Ultimately, I pay close attention to what my customers are responding to.”

Baber’s connection to her customers doesn’t stop in her storefront: “I’ve gotten more and more involved in my clientele’s closets over time, from closet clean-outs to outfit planning and styling to personalized shopping trips to fill in the gaps,” she says, also noting that she’ll be adding more of these personalized wardrobe services to her business in the future. Keep an eye out on Miss Misc.’s Instagram (@misc_boutique). –Audrey Lockie