Author: Sam Milianta

Photo: Sam Milianta

I took this photo of my friend, Millionaire Michael (real name withheld to protect his stock market status), last October at this strange spot on the outskirts of Oakland, Calif. This spot is in a city park in a really mellow neighborhood.

It actually used to be a skatepark in the 1970s. When the 1980s hit and skateboarding kind of died, the skatepark was torn out and the city turned it into a playground. This big, cement wave was all that was left of the original skatepark. It used to have these weird monkey bar things you had to curve through to skate, and was really difficult to get to. Recently, the playground was renovated and they made the runway wider and more direct. They also added some nice ledges to skate. It’s one of those really unique spots that are always a blast to skate, and Michael had no problem shredding a 5-0 fakie on it on a very nice day in October. If you’re ever just outside of Oakland, look for the skateable city park with a big green taco.


It’s finally time for summer. Unfortunately, this photo is from a few months back, when it was comfortable jacket weather. I guess that’s part of me being a geezer and not developing anything for months, so I have a backlog of images I’ve totally forgotten about.  I’d like to say that I’m an artist and my photos are timeless, but that would be a joke. This photo will be dated by this time next year, when some kid from Nowheresville, Utah hardflips into this same trick at this same spot. Unfortunately for Cody Hardflip, Sam Giles got a pretty damn stylish backside 50­­-50 on this spot without the hardflip … and that is timeless, even if my photo isn’t.

Sam Giles, Backside 50-50