Skating is as much of a sport as football, soccer or track. Goals are what skating is all about. One day, you're learning to glue shoes, the next, you're the president.

Skateboarding: Or “Play With Your Toys in The House”


And now, from the urethane lines of communication come the sequel of slides and grinds and cries of discrimination and skaters rights. For so long we have traveled unguided, we must now consider alternatives. United, we stand. Scattered, we fall. Take a look.

Skating is as much of a sport as football, soccer or track. Skating requires endurance and strength and dedication. It teaches you about life in general. Shouldn’t our kids have goals? One day, he’s learning to glue shoes, the next, he’s the president. Right. Anyway, goals are what skating is all about.

You make the call. A group of guys are preparing for a football game when a security guard drives up and tells them they have to leave, and they can’t play because they are damaging the grass. What emotion will these guys be feeling? Not happiness. But what about skating? It is a very similar story, but the reason you have to leave is because you might injure yourself and they don’t want to be held responsible. You might sue. Catch-22. They won’t open a skate park because somebody might get hurt, and consequently will sue. So you skate in your driveway and wish you lived somewhere else. It is the same everywhere. When you unite and make a stand for a cause, you can make a change for the better. I suggest that if you skate competitively you should join the N.S.A. (National Skateboarding Association). They are in this month’s Thrasher, and they can get you started on the road to being pro.

Words are being said about the Espresso handrail, mainly that “My grandma bomb drops that with her Depends on.” The banks are open to skaters, so that the Questar corporation and treat the place with respect. Don’t move the curbs. The lights are out at the Key Bank tailslide—no more skating there at night. Bart’s ramp is considered a ruler, and Troy is handing out free tricktape cards for the B.B.B. The Prison Escape Team has five members. They wait for a sign of hope.

As far as shops go, I’ve seen them all, and in my opinion, Salty Peaks Snow and Skate shop has the best selection of decks, trucks and wheels around. They know what they are doing, and they give you true value for you money. Because you work hard.

In this world of skate videos, a slew of tricky new videos awaits you. Recently, I enjoyed the new G&S video, “Footage.” It has a killer soundtrack, the tricks are cool, there is pool skating, a lot of ramps and vertical, entertaining footage, and it rules. Also, I previewed a promotional video from the New Deal, and you better be ready to die when you see it. It won’t be released for a few months, but it flows so rad that you will want to skate immediately after you see it. The New Deal is a dandy little company, their board wood is the strongest I have ridden in a long time. My Andy Howell board is fantastic, and they also have new budget-priced wheels called Nude Eels.

So, until next time, keep skating, and pray that somebody, anybody, will have a street contest soon. With or without trophies. 

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