For their last "Beer of the Month," Chris and Sylvia are going back to their roots with the White Rainbow.

Beer of the Month: White Rainbow

Beer Reviews

Beer Name: White Rainbow
Brewery: Red Rock Brewing Company

ABV: 6.2%
Serving Style: 500-mL bottle

Nearly a decade ago, we entered the exciting world of craft beer. The initial allure was seeking out all of the greatest beers around the country, and if truth be told, the world. Although the first few years may have been about how many unique Untappd check-ins we could accomplish, at some point, that changed. We began developing standing friendships along the way. Things shifted around the first time we attended the Mountain Brewer’s Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho, years ago.

It was during this trip that we truly felt included in the camaraderie that the beer community held. Behind the lines, we were offered Red Rock Brewing Company’s White Rainbow, a White India Pale Ale. It was a big deal when a favorite brewery released a new brew. Nowadays, there is a new beer every week and, on some occasions, multiple. The bittersweet part about this is many of these beers are a one-and-done or a limited-batch run, and it may never be seen or enjoyed again. Luckily, White Rainbow is here to stay.


White Rainbow is served from a signature Red Rock 500-mL brown bottle featuring a white unicorn with colorful trim encased by a rainbow frame. Pouring the beer into a Red Rock–branded tulip makes sense because, somehow, we have accumulated so many over the ages. The beer pours a soft-blonde, yellowish color, creating a pillow of foamy head with a pure-white hue. This is not a traditional IPA. The initial nose is mild with slight tropical and citrus notes. Delivered with a light-to-medium mouthfeel, it seems to dance subtly on the tongue. We pick up flavors of florals and fruit, finishing with a light spice from the Belgian yeast. We can taste the rainbow with this one.


In April, Red Rock Brewing Company also released a new spin on the White Rainbow, the Double White Rainbow, which is a double-dry-hopped white pale ale with “Imperial Pride,” as stated in Red Rock’s description. This proved to be pretty exciting for fans of the original, as it got a bump in alcohol content and hops, a combination that has served us well for quite some time. Unlike an elusive unicorn, Double White Rainbow, a release that leads up to Pride Month, is slated to be released annually.

Red Rock has locations in the Salt Lake and Park City areas and is one of Utah’s oldest breweries. Celebrating over 25 years operation, they’re the home to some of our favorite beers of all time: Elephino may have had just as big of a butterfly effect on us, inspiriting us to write articles all of these years for both SLUG Magazine and our other gig with These brands are so familiar to us, and we can pretty much taste them without actually pouring them into a glass and consuming them—alright, that may mean we have had far too many of them!

It’s bittersweet to say that this is our last “Beer of the Month” for SLUG. It’s always been about more than the beer, as it’s about everyone in the beer community. Within our span, there has been a lot of great beer and a lot of great people. The folks in the beer community grew to be what drew us to write about beer, even more so than the delicious beer. Red Rock was one of the first breweries to embrace us as a newly budding craft beer couple. As a result, they will always have a place in our heart. With love, please take care.