Dear Dickheads,
I like how you have people send in their CDs for you to (notoriously badly) review, and then when you do give them that (notoriously bad) review, they freak the fuck out! You have no idea how much it entertains me to see that people cannot grasp the fact that when SLUG is so disconnected with the local music scene, their musical opinions are basically invalid! I’m so glad that people on both ends of SLUG can drop themselves to such stupidly low levels and bicker and argue about who’s music is worse. You are poor man’s Comedy Central, and I applaud you for it.
–Bobbi Thunders

Dear Bobbi,
I’m glad our antics amuse you. If there is one thing that has remained consistent at the magazine, it’s the fact that we don’t tell our reviewers what to write. If they think something sucks, we let them say it sucks. If they want to compare a local band to being less entertaining then a bottle of Tampico—we let them make that comparison. SLUG is, and always has been, a community rag. People within the local music community—musicians, scenesters, record store geeks and general audiophiles—write the reviews. You claim our staff members are disconnected from the local music scene. I say fuck that—get some representatives from your local music scene excited to actively participate in the community rag that is Salt Lake Underground. How can we accurately represent your shitty music scene without a staff writer who is interested in said music scene? Sometimes things are just bad. Sorry all of you’re friends are busy giving you verbal blow jobs.