Dear Dickheads.
You didn’t print a single word about the demolition of a serious counterculture landmark over the last two decades: Crossroads Mall. SLUG checked out a long time ago on providing any sort of sociopolitical commentary, so I am not surprised.Now it’s all about music and sports. Sports! Sports? Who gives a shit about fucking board sports when the cultural nerve gas of one particular religious organization now dictates the entire blueprint of downtown Salt Lake City?

You can bet your next Mike Brown column on the fact that every visitor for the next fifty years will base their perceptions on four square blocks of Big Love. Good job keeping the underground truly UNDERGROUND. Most out of towners will never guess it’s underneath Kinko’s on Second South.

West Valley and Proud Of It.

Dear West Valley,
I regret to tell you this…but Crossroads Mall ceased to be a counterculture landmark almost two years before its demolition. As soon as the good record stores and shitty punk rock venues checked out, the young delinquents and old crackheads providing those delinquents with booze left the area too.

I’ll miss the gumballs, stealing change from the fountain and timing how long it took to get kicked out by the security guards as much as you will. I’ll also miss the weed smoking that occurred on the roof and the many grilled cheese sandwiches consumed.

The mall has fallen, and taken with it whatever oddities were still hanging out on the north end or in the food court. The few that were left clinging to the mall were probably hauled away to the secret cave in Little Cottonwood Canyon and turned into Jello. I guess the freaks will have to find a new hang out. West Valley Mall maybe?