Dear Dickheads – March 2007


Dear Dickheads,
It is so funny the way people can run their mouths without knowing the true facts of the story, isn’t it? A good example of this is the rock salt. The rock salt is a breeding ground of rumors, half-truths and storytelling. Case in point, the comments posted about the SLUG Anniversary party. Let me set the record straight for all those assholes who like to speculate but who don’t care to find out the facts:

First off, whoever the jackass is who stole the wall sized poster of the Stench and Iceburn (you know who you are fucker!) you are a piece of shit for not giving back those posters after you were asked politely three times and then had the nerve to call Whiskey Meg a cunt. Grow some balls, vag! No one slapped you and if someone would have hit you at all, they would have punched you. Also, great job admitting, once someone offered you the poster, that you wouldn’t know where to put it and declined the offer. Go fuck yourself.

Second, for all those player haters who speculated that the bands didn’t get paid – well surprise! They did! Go fuck yourself and your band sucks. Once your shitty local band gets good maybe you to can get paid for playing music. Until then, shut your fucking mouths and learn how to play music.

Third, for all those that got turned away at the door – tough shit! Don’t whine and complain. Tickets for the event were on sale for A MONTH before the event. You are not entitled to free shit, it is a privilege to get in to any event free, not a right. Also, if you want to continue to see great shit like this happen you should support it and not be a whiney throat-gag pussy ass. It costs money to put on these events and on top of that, if bands are getting paid, shouldn’t you pay to?

Lastly, if you have anything else to bitch about, the number for the SLUG office is in the magazine. Stop hiding behind the rock salt, get a life and find out what the real deal is for yourself. Fuck you, rock salt, and the cunt rags who lurk on your forums.

Ronald McDonald Lips.