Dear Dickheads – March 2008


Dear SLUG,
You are the only (or at least the best known) local rag that supposedly gives voice to the underrepresented, disenfranchised “underground” in this quasi-totalitarian state. So why then do you choose to remain politically neutral in such an important election year? Why don’t you endorse a candidate or state your opinion on public issues? Or at the very least, cover them? We are left to assume that coverage of Spindance, how to spell diarrhea, and when exactly the phrase “F-Dude” went out of vogue are now top priority on the public’s “need to know” radar. Step it up.

—Jaded in West Valley

WOW! I didn’t think people in West Valley knew how to read, let alone vote. We at SLUG are glad to hear that someone is jaded in West Valley, as opposed to the faded in West Valley types we normally hear messages from, left on our voicemail at 3am, proclaiming their metal band is the new Winger. As far as your suggestion for endorsing a candidate and covering the presidential election … patience, my child. We still have eight SLUG Mag issues ahead of us for that shit.