Dear Dickheads,
Wow, I’m having a hard time containing all my excitement for the movie SOUND CITY.” it sheds a bright light on how music should be made.” if your catching up, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) put this documentary film together about Sound City Recording Studio because it was there that it all began for him (Nirvana “” Nevermind).” why I’m bringing all this up is that my band, Hysteria (North Salt Lake) could always do better and the film has been a catalyst in helping me write a new album. Our band is a punk, grunge, and garage rock band. Its our hope that we can be a catalyst to other local bands in order to bring about Garbage Rock. We have enough venues and enough local bands to bring about an even better music scene than we already got. This includes everybody from Provo/Orem to Salt Lake City and Ogden. I’m tired of seeing so much more popular music be played and knowing that the individuals playing it really have nothing to say!
Adam Gardell Grundvig

Dear Adam,
Goddammit, I just wanna rip your idealistic little heart out, chew on it, spit it on the ground, light it on fire, then flip it off as I laugh and watch pieces of you burn into oblivion––but I can’t. Creative passion is something that we just can’t knock at SLUG, even if it was inspired by Dave Grohl––who I still contend wouldn’t be famous if he wasn’t in a band with someone who took a major shotgun wound to the face. But anyway, you’re totally right. Everyone can always do better. It’s easy to become jaded in any creative effort, especially if you’ve been at it for a while. More people in Salt Lake could learn a thing or two from you. We live in an awesome city full of passionate people, and have a lot of resources available to artists of all kinds. If you wanna start a band, stop talking about it and do it. There are a ton of local musicians who would love to play with you, a bunch of venues for you to play at and you can record your album on your fucking phone if you really need to. Also, SLUG reviews all local music sent to us, so we will totally review your album, no matter what! If you wanna be in an art show, maybe you should just put on your own show at one of the rad coffee shops, galleries, restaurants or street corners our city has to offer––anything is a venue if you’re creative enough. Also, can someone please explain to me how it’s OK to legitimately enjoy the Foo Fighters? I just don’t get it.

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