Dear Dickheads – November 2007


Dear Dickheads,
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love enjoying good food and having my entire family together to give thanks for all the wonderful things we have received over the years. This year I decided that I wanted to share with all the SLUG readers one of my absolute favorite Thanksgiving recipes; the mighty osturduckenl. The osturducken is a sister dinner to the more traditional turducken, but it’s ten thousand times more delicious. To create an osturducken you will need a de-boned ostrich, stuffed with a de-boned turkey, stuffed with a de-boned duck, stuffed with a de-boned chicken that is stuffed with your favorite stuffing. After all your layers are in place close up the seam of the ostrich with butcher’s twine. Now you’re finally ready to bake your osturducken. Place the osturduckenl in the oven at 225, and bake for 8 hours or until the meat thermometer reads 165. It takes a while to create, but the results make every minute worth it. You’re finished osturducken with feed at least 20 people and its very high in protein. Hope you enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving SLUG Magazine!
Love Always,
-Lisa Anne Marie Baster

Hey Lisa Anne,
Thanks for that rad recipe. SLUG Magazine loves meals that are heart attacks waiting to happen, but ostrich is pricey! So we decided to share a few of our own favorite inexpensive recipes with our readers. We’re big fans of the hotchicken. The hotchicken features a de-boned chicken stuffed with hot dogs. It’s less expensive then a turkey, with extra protein and no excessive sleepiness from the tripdefan found in turkey. Vegans should try the tofdogerky. The tofdogerky features a tofu turkey stuffed with tofu dogs. Delicious eh? Please send us your variations of this Thanksgiving classic. We’d love to hear from you!