Dear Dickheads – September 2007


Dear Dickheads …
I recently spent my summer in Salt Lake City and one of the best parts was picking up your magazine each month. I found some of the best music through it that I have ever! Now I’m back at school at Oklahoma State University, and was wondering if there was any way to continute getting issues. If there is a subscriptions to it or if it’s possible to make mailings out to me.

Hey Zack-
Subscriptions cost $15. If I were you, I’d save that cash for the new Wolfs record (dropping Halloween 07) and I’d read SLUG for free on our website. If you hate reading while staring at computer monitors, try downloading the whole damn issue as a PDF for FREE. This way you can print copies for your friends and make that wallpaper you’ve always wanted for your dorm room made out of Blue Boutique ads. Check it out- we even have the back issues from the 90s up there.

Dear Dickheads,
In the article about Red Light Books in the latest issue you mention the band “Pacifist.” The band name is actually spelled “Pass-A-Fist.” I know the guys, and have been to shows when they’ve had their banner up. I just think the ‘correct’ spelling of the band is hilarious, so I thought I should let you know. Maybe you guys will get a kick out of it too.

Dear Dickheads,
Just read the August issue’s review of Mathematics Et Cetera’s “Eye Contact is No Guarantee”. I was disappointed that although we, Hotel Palindrome Records, contacted and sent you the Mathematics Et Cetera album, it was still reported as “Self-Released”.

As for the review, it not only felt like a polemic piece against Provo music, but SLUG seemed to serve as “Ed Banger’s” forum for some vendetta against one of our label’s bands. The unqualified statement: “Perhaps we might discover that yet another Provo band charging 15 dollars for a handsomely pressed disc has recorded the rubbish in their garage.” is illustrative of this point. What gives?

We sent the MEC record to be reviewed expecting a “responsible and witty” treatment. Hotel Palindrome will of course graciously accept and expect critiques of our bands, but we are very disappointed with SLUG for commissioning neophyte’s to write reviews. As one of SLUG’s editors, I’m surprised you’d print such low level garbage that so obviously goes against your publications stated purposes.

There there, Addison. Just because we gave your precious CD a negative review doesn’t mean you need to insult our writers or editorial skills. When we hire staffers here at SLUG, our decision is based on a variety of variables including their musical knowledge, experience, background and judgment.

Although we as the editorial staff may personally disagree with a writer’s opinion, unless the CD review is negligent, or factually incorrect, we will stand by that staffer’s review. While I apologize for the misprint listing the CD as self-released instead of released by your label, Hotel Palindrome Records, I do not apologize for Ed’s review.

Right from the outset Ed clearly states and critiques what he deems wrong with the album: “Mathematics Et Cetera have delivered a mid-fi collection of eleven songs that fit together in no reasonable or cogent form.” From there he elaborates and then quotes specific songs that he feels qualify this description and then goes on to explain why the sound of those songs do not “fit together in [a] reasonable or cogent form.” Addison, we may not like every release on your roster but can we still be myspace friends?