SLUG: Tell us about your first experience with SLUG Magazine.
Gilroy: We saw it at RedRock—we didn’t know there was a magazine like that in Salt Lake.

: How have you seen the magazine change since then?
Gilroy: To me, it’s evolved: a little more in depth, more detailed. As far as getting involved in the dining scene and stuff like that, it’s definitely improved.

SLUG: What is one of the most memorable SLUG articles that you have read?
Britt: Well, my favorite thing about SLUG is it’s full of unfiltered opinions, people can say what they want. It’s like watching the rated “R” HBO channel for the first time.

SLUG: What is your favorite SLUG cover?
Britt: A cover that looked like an old Rob Roskopp skateboard deck, I can’t remember which month.

SLUG: Tell us about a memorable SLUG event that you’ve attended.
Gilroy:  SLUG Pride parade. We’ve always found the SLUG folk, it’s just fun! [They’re] a good group to hang with.

SLUG: How has SLUG affected your life?
Gilroy:  The people at SLUG are just amazing. We’ve grown to love Angela—she’s involved in anything she can be.

SLUG: Why do you think SLUG has continued to be relevant in Utah for the last 22 years?
Britt: It offers people an alternative to everything else that you see here. It’s not competing with anyone else, just doing its own thing.