Klamock is an adventure that reminds you that the clock is ticking, all while touring around the finest Salt Lake City fast food spots.

Local Book Review: Klamock

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Allan Steed

Street: 05.04

In Klamock, our star scientist, Hansel Klamock, discovers the impending end of the world and gets a hot first date with the love of his life—all in one night. His discovery in the sky spreads almost as fast as his love sparks, sending everyone from Apostle Quigley to Hagop (pronounced ahh-go), the Armenian in Russia, into their own unique preparations for their inevitable demise. 

Local author Allan Steed has impressively put together a steamy science fiction novel that is still quite relatable, especially for Utahns. If you have ever taken the time to imagine what would happen if our planet would cease to exist in about a hundred days, you may find that your thoughts and feelings relate to one of the many astronomically diverse characters in this book. Steed’s third-person writing style successfully invites you into the doomsday reactions of each dog, baby and human that share scenes with each other.

“Somewhere, deep inside of Ikshita’s brain, a failsafe switch is tripped, a door closes, a guard is dispatched, and her very consciousness becomes a divided field.”

This book may present as an invitation to the space lovers out there, but Klamock is a recommended read for those looking to get lost in some comic relief from all the things we humans take so seriously and also take for granted, such as religion, sex, family, jobs and home. 

“And please don’t be afraid of the gun. I’m Chicago PD.”
“Oh, we’re from Utah. We love guns.”

I have read quite a few memoirs that comment on the mad beauty of Utah, but Steed’s writing style places you right with characters in the Wasatch Front as they scramble to protect their destiny and ease the pain of a shotgun wound with cocaine. 

“A crisp November wind blowing down from the Wasatch Mountains, and across the Salt Lake Valley, has frozen the reflecting pond in front of the Salt Lake Temple.” 

Klamock is an adventure that reminds you that the clock is ticking, while taking you on sweetly uncomfortable journeys with the Prophet all around the finest Salt Lake City fast food spots. It also tosses you into cosmic orgies under the night skies of New Mexico. I recommend getting your hands on this book as soon as possible so you can be present with the same late-fall timeline, living as if your world will also end at the beginning of 2022. –Kelly Fernandez