(L–R) Nina and Devin Pearson established Rebel House for clients seeking physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Rebel House: Community-Centric Workout Classes

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Local workout studio Rebel House prides themselves on evading all the things you hate about workouts: the pressure, the anxiety, the solitude, the drudgery. “When we opened the studio, we were looking for a community for ourselves,” says Co-founder and Co-owner Devin Pearson. “That has always been our number-one mission—to build community. All we talk about with our teams is being connected, caring about the people, looking people in the eyes, actually making a connection to these people, getting to know them [and] getting to know their names.”

A sample of polaroid snapshots from Rebel House classes.
Photo: John Barkiple

Alongside fellow Co-founder and Co-owner Nina Pearson, Devin works to cultivate this communal space from the get-go. Walking into Rebel’s open-locker-room lobby set up, patrons are immediately greeted by Rebel staff for check-in. Those just leaving classes, those lacing up for the next ones and instructors alike mingle in this interim space, providing the Pearson’s desired sense of connection and community. “You start to see that this place is a safe space for people … because of its authenticity,” says Devin. Both Pearson’s note that they’ve fostered real, sustained relationships with many clients over the years. “We know their parents, their birthday when they go on vacation!” says Nina.

“When we opened the studio, we were looking for a community for ourselves.”

The geniality extends into Rebel’s classes, as well, where the Pearsons sidestep physical appearance goals in favor of mental health improvement. “We don’t allow our trainers to talk about getting in your beach body. It’s all about, ‘How do you feel? How do you feel in your body and in your mind? Can you feel a little bit better each time you come in here?’,” says Nina. “It’s not about how you look—it’s about your mental health, your physical health, how you feel and just trying to better yourself every day.” By erasing the stigma and judgment surrounding working out (especially public exercise), Rebel hopes to highlight these innate personal benefits found in physical fitness.

Rebel’s team of class instructors make up the front lines for this holistic approach to workout culture. These team members prepare the ever-important playlists for each class (with selections traversing EDM, ’90s hip-hop, modern pop and everything in between), greet patrons and guide the session based on their personal approach to mental and physical betterment. “We always tell our trainers, ‘We do not want you to be like anyone else; we want you to be yourself,” says Devin. Nina adds that “what their messages are in class, what their music choices are—we encourage them to really be themselves in that aspect.” Rebel’s trainers bring their own tastes and personalities to the forefront, allowing the studio to offer the perfect class for every patron.

Rebel House pride themselves on being a community-first business.
Photo: John Barkiple

“It’s not about how you look—it’s about your mental health, your physical health, how you feel and just trying to better yourself every day.”

Currently, Rebel House offers three classes—Ride (beat-based cycling), Riot (boxing with lightweight training) and Rehab (yoga-inspired stretching)—with plans to add a new class combining beat-based running and heavy-weights, Run, when they open their new Downtown SLC location in early 2022. Each of these classes intentionally highlights a different fitness area, from strength training to cardio to flexibility and more. Nina views the studio’s varied options as one ofRebel’s strongest points: “[We’re] really, really good at everything we do,” she says. “Our classes are on point.”

As Rebel House continues to expand, grow and hone their vision, they’ll retain their people-first mindset. In Nina’s words, they’ve accomplished their goal if Rebel patrons exit classes thinking, “I’ve mentally got stronger. I’m a better person and I love myself more.” Rebel House currently has locations in Downtown Salt Lake and Sugarhouse, with new locations in Salt Lake and Riverton set to open in 2022. Visit their website, rebel-house.com, or follow them on Instagram @_rebelhouse for information on classes, memberships and more.