Skate Photo Feature: Jim Stork


Jim Stork can do it all. Rails, ledges, transition, stairs, gaps and everything between. He’s what skaters call an all-terrain vehicle. Personally, I love how Jim looks at skateboarding. You can tell he’s having fun, and that is what skateboarding is about—self-expression and true happiness. His skateboarding says a lot about his character as well. He will try a trick until he physically cannot anymore, he’s going to land the trick or go out with a big slam. Resilience and perseverance, all the makings of a true skater. He’ll hype you up, back up your trick and push the limit. Everyone needs a Jim Stork in their crew.

Jim Stork – Gap to Frontside Boardslide – Downtown SLC
Jim Stork – Gap to Frontside Boardslide – Downtown SLC

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