Overview on the Mark Miller Subaru Kid’s Area.
A map of the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, held at the Utah State Fairgrounds
“Exist, Ignite, Resist, Unite, Persist the Fight!”
View of what was going on outside at Slug Mag's Brewstillery. Photo: Jayson Ross
Director of the Festival John Cooper introducing the Directors of IFC's Documentary Now!
King Princess and her band on stage at Gallivan Plaza.
Joan and John Cusack talk about their careers, their beginnings and their favorite experiences during filming. Photo: Lmsorenson.net
A line of eager people forms to enter the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Photo: @william.h.cannon
The 8th Annual Utah Beer Festival will take place this year at the Utah State Fairpark on Saturday, Aug. 19. Photo courtesy of City Weekly.