Jude Wanders. Photo: ThatGuyGil
(L–R) Jeremy Devine, Elisar Soueidi, Mikey Blackhurst and Kristin Maloney. Photo: JoSavagePhotography.com
(L–R) Metatransit dancers Tristana Yegge, Amy Falls, Nora Price, Hannah Bowcutt and Laura Skold. Photos: @clancycoop
Photo: Chris Kiernan
Photo: ColtonMarsalaPhotography.com
Photo courtesy of Tona Sushi.
On Feb. 25 in Detroit, the impressive and ambitious Third Man Pressing opened its doors to the public. Photos: Doug Coombe and Greg Siemasz
Based out of Utah, Davin Abegg runs Swoody Records, a lo-fi, experimental label that showcases artists from across the nation. Photo: John Barkiple